About Paulo Ferreira

Paulo Ferreira was born on the state of Ceará - one of the most beautiful coastlines of northeast Brasil.
Educated in a military environment and a Mormon family (no longer Mormon)from early age, he had the opportunity to travel throughout his home land!
Unconsciously he created a massive appetite for different habits, customs and cultures and as teenager he realized how privileged and grateful he was to be able to experience so much. From childhood to adult life he did the usual things: go to school; finish university - but doing so only to please his family.

When he was 23 he decided to make sense of his life and his place in the world. This would be the most difficult decision he would make in his life. Against all the odds he started to travel all over South America, visiting Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay. Survival was a priority. To maintain himself on a daily basis he started to produce arts and crafts. And he started to paint. This is when the magic started. He saw how amazing mother nature is and how much she has to offer in terms of beauty, color and texture. He felt he was on a mission, and he had to share his vision with everyone. He took a plane and flew to Europe; London.

He arrived in London without being able to speak English - a difficult but rewarding experience. For the first time in his life he felt disable. He felt the necessity to communicate, but he wasn't able to. Again drawings and paintings became his means of communication and survival. He had the opportunity to meet the most amazing human being: his best friend ever: Janet. Again, his life took another magnificent turn.

Traveling around Europe, meeting people, absorbing beauty, color, cultures, enhancing his appetite even more. After twelve years, living in London, almost by accident, he discovered The Netherlands . He decided, quite instantaneously, to move there. Place where he also met his partner for life.

I would like to say thanks to everyone which in one way or another helped me to be where I am today!!!"

Holland has been a great experience: Open to new ways of existing. A very special thanks to Anna Bert from Kunst and Kunst(Eindhoven) for open the very first door here in Holland a very special thank you!! Peter from Gallery Contempo (Eindhoven) for giving me the opportunity to develop my work.


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