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Born in Fortaleza in the state of Ceará - among the most beautiful on the Brazilian coast.
Having a huge sense of gratitude for his parents (born in Rio de Janeiro), who planted the seed of travelling from an early age.
What his mother always called (school of life), where the truth of all existence would be learned.
In this school of life where he had a number of human beings who would adorn his existence with the best life had to offer.
Mossoró has a special space in his heart (the craziest city he ever had the privilege to exist with) and within this heart is Toinho Silveira (love, friend and much more than words, which would not be enough to do justice to the beauty and magnificence of this human being).
In his travels throughout Brazil (literally) he got to know all the capitals of the Brazilian coast as well as a large part of the vast and wonderful interior of his country.
The splendor of life translated by culture in all its forms.
The beauty of all races with all their peculiar accents , which makes his country not only a Aquarela Brasileira, but a Aquarela Universal
The gentle and loving form of the Brazilian has to exist and let it exist.
His journey continued through South America causing him to unconsciously create an appetite for different habits, customs and cultures.
At 25, he decided to make sense of his life and his place in the world. That would be the most difficult decision he would ever make. Against all odds, he began to travel across South America, visiting Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay. Survival was a priority. In order to maintain himself on a daily basis, he started to produce handicrafts  and he started to paint.
It was at this moment where he realized that life is nothing more than an unceasing Art of love and magic, He saw how incredible Mother Nature is and how much it has to offer in terms of beauty, colour and texture. He felt he was on a mission and needed to share his vision with the world. He took a plane and flew to Europe; London.
He arrived in London without knowing how to speak English - a difficult but rewarding experience. For the first time in his life, he felt disabled. He felt the need to communicate, but it was not possible. Once again, drawings and paintings became his means of communication and survival. He had the opportunity to meet a human being who, like so many others in his life, would transform his existence on this planet: his best friend of all time: Janet.
Travelling around Europe and meeting people, absorbing beauty, colors, cultures, further increasing his appetite. After 17 years living in London, almost by accident, he discovered Holland. He instantly decided to move there. Place where he also met his lifelong partner Giovanni Pileri.
Having a sense of gratitude to everyone who in one way or another helped in the realization of love for life in all its essence, that is his mantra.
The Netherlands has been a great experience: open to new ways of existing. A very special thanks to Anna Bert of Kunst and Kunst (Eindhoven) for opening the first door here in Holland. A very special thanks !! Peter from Gallery Contempo.  Today with exhibitions around the world. Literally in the four corners of the planet.

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